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Soul Mate

When I look at the spaces between my fingers, I know yours fit perfectly there



I love the word Fremitus.  As in, if we are blessed with another boy someday, I want to name him Fremitus.  Fremitus E. Cheatham.  Has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think?

On another note, we celebrated Owen’s 3rd birthday last weekend at Tulsa Fire Station 26!    Lots of friends and family shared the special day with us.  Owen and his friends got to climb all over the fire truck, put on fire fighter helmets, play in the rescue boat (which was a HUGE hit) and squirt the fire hose!  By the end of the party the kiddos were full of fire truck birthday cake, soaked from the hose and definitely ready for naps.  All and all it was a great day!

Have to give a huge thanks to the guys at Fire Station 26 and to my wonderful friends, Haley Adams, Jennifer Duroy and Natalie Nekouian for taking pictures for me 🙂  Lots of love!

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Spring Fever

In Medical School, there are days when I learn and do amazing new things, like when I learned how an embryo develops (it’s amazing that anybody turns out even semi-normal) or when I held a real heart.  There are days when I have these amazing “a-ha” moments and things just click, like when I learned about LOAF in the hand muscles or when I finally figured out what the Chain-Gang really was.  This was not one of those days.

All I could think about today was the fact that it was 72 degrees and sunny and I was sitting in a building with no windows.  All. Day.  Spring semester is tough.  The classes may be easier, but the excitement of Spring is oh so distracting…warmer weather, flip flops, runs outside along the river, playing in the backyard with my kiddos (camera in hand), the beautiful spring flowers… ahhh.  Yeah.  All things that have nothing to do with Medical School, whatsoever.

I just have to remember why I am here.  I want to help others.  And I know the best way that I personally can do that, is through the medical profession.  This is exactly where I am supposed to be.  And it’s incredible.

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Love Child

3 years ago, on this very day, around this very time, there were tubes, monitors, IVs, epidurals (3 to be exact), ice chips, nurses, one gorgeous V-Day bouquet and a baby on the way.  Owen was tired of waiting in the wings and was ready to show us just what we had all been missing.  Not unlike his little personality, he came skidding into the world sideways with his hair on fire (or something like that).  Around 6:30pm my 3rd epidural had started to kick in, and my family, exhausted after 14 hours of labor, had gone home to feed their dogs, kids etc.

Whoa.  What was that?  Umm that’s a different feeling…I buzzed for the nurse.  She came in, and told me she was just going to check and see how things were progressing.  As she pulled back the sheets, her face told the entire story. “WE NEED A DOCTOR IN HERE NOW!”

I start screaming for Barry, who was down the hall.  My doctor happened to be walking by my room as the nurses frantically gathered tools and blankets to FINISH delivering Owen.  My doc ran into the room in time to catch him.  Without gloves.  She’s pretty awesome.  Barry didn’t say a word…I’m gonna go ahead and say he was awestruck.  Or maybe completely freaked out?

Within minutes, I was holding this perfect little person, looking into his big blue eyes, wondering who he was going to be.  So far, Owen, you have been the light of my life.  You have taught me so much in these last 3 years, I can’t even begin to thank you for being the amazing little person that you are.  Happy Happy Birthday, sweetheart!