A journey…loving life, living love, and learning to be a doctor

Spring Fever

In Medical School, there are days when I learn and do amazing new things, like when I learned how an embryo develops (it’s amazing that anybody turns out even semi-normal) or when I held a real heart.  There are days when I have these amazing “a-ha” moments and things just click, like when I learned about LOAF in the hand muscles or when I finally figured out what the Chain-Gang really was.  This was not one of those days.

All I could think about today was the fact that it was 72 degrees and sunny and I was sitting in a building with no windows.  All. Day.  Spring semester is tough.  The classes may be easier, but the excitement of Spring is oh so distracting…warmer weather, flip flops, runs outside along the river, playing in the backyard with my kiddos (camera in hand), the beautiful spring flowers… ahhh.  Yeah.  All things that have nothing to do with Medical School, whatsoever.

I just have to remember why I am here.  I want to help others.  And I know the best way that I personally can do that, is through the medical profession.  This is exactly where I am supposed to be.  And it’s incredible.

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