A journey…loving life, living love, and learning to be a doctor

Warm Fuzzies

Today I miss this place.  Just looking at the picture gives me warm fuzzies inside.

It was a simple time.  Our little shop-house out in the middle of nowhere, where this guy was our closet neighbor

We went to visit him often.  We took our daily walks up the driveway to get the mail

And this is where we spent most of our days

We had a beautiful vegetable garden

And a swing.  Lots of good talks were had here

And a wood-burning stove.  So warm and cozy for sleepy Sunday afternoons.

This was the accepted daily attire, for some

Or this

We took baths in metal tubs

And went for rides on daddy’s big orange tractor **Go Pokes!**

Addy loved our land too…maybe even more than I did

I miss the land and the space and the simple goodness of all it entails.  There is something about being close with nature that can renew a tired soul.

I can’t wait to be back here

But for now I must be patient and work hard and be happy where I am.



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