A journey…loving life, living love, and learning to be a doctor


Owen participates in a program at his school called Amazing Athletes. In the program they are introduced to many different sports, practice agility and balance skills and learn about different muscles in their body.  The other day, while driving home from Lym and Popi’s house, Owen and I were discussing his muscles.

Owen told me all about his calf muscle; where it was, how it helps him walk and whatnot.  Next he told me about the ‘muscles in his tummy’.  I asked him what they were called…

“Mumble mumble mumble”

“What?? I couldn’t hear you”

He turned to me and said with a big smile on his face “Those are my dominos!”

Abdominals…dominos…anyone could make that mistake 🙂

I need to work on getting some rock-hard dominos.

The End.


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