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Med School

7 days

7…the number of days left in the semester.  5…the number of finals that stand between me and the beach.  3… the number of beers I drank tonight.  1…the number of  nights I will spend (er..already spent) relaxing between now and next Friday at 3pm.  I’m ready.  Show me whatcha got, med school finals!

A few weekends ago I was supposed to be studying for a Bacteriology exam.  Instead this is what was happening

And a little of this goodness

Sometimes, spending quality time with loved ones > med school

It was a delicious meal, by the way.

Then we all took naps in the sun…ahhhhh

I may have missed a couple hours of study time, but hey, I’m a big picture kinda gal.  And big picture says, it’s totally fine.

On another med school note…I was spending some quality time with my camera the other evening and was feeling quasi-philosophical whilst looking at the trees in my backyard.  So, it turns out trees are a lot like med school.  Trees.  Big nice trees that are easily seen, unless you are Dr. Sanford while you are mowing your lawn…anyway, trees have smaller subdivisions like branches and leaves.  Not as easy to see from afar, but upon closer inspection, easily identifiable.  The leaves have veins.  Again, not easily seen unless you really want to see leaf veins.  Finally, there are these things pictured below…teensy tiny ity bity little lines that intersect with one another, on many different levels.  THAT is what med school is all about.  Minutia and it is all interconnected.

One more thing…please try to find me a happier person than this kid…I betcha can’t 🙂



I feel so blessed to have my family, but sometimes it is difficult to live up to all the expectations that are set on someone who wears so many hats.  There should probably be a limit to the number of hats one can wear.  I’m usually switchin through about 5 hats a day.  My head gets really tired.

First there is my mommy hat.  My happy-go-lucky, running around the backyard barefoot with my boys, make-believing, story-telling hat.  It’s a fun and happy hat, covered in bouncy balls, balloons, and bubble blowers.  I love to wear it but it can be really hard to put on after a 7 hour day at school, even though I am longing to put it on basically the entire time I am wearing my third hat *see below*

Second is my wife hat.  My romantic, loving, dinner-cooking, in-depth conversating, OMMing hat.  It is a really beautiful hat to wear, it has lots of pretty feathers and diamonds on it, but kinda like my mommy hat, it is really difficult to put it on after a 7 hour day at school plus 5 hours wearing the hat mentioned above.

Third is my med-student hat.  My intense, studious, usually interested, procrastinating, late-night cramming hat.  This is a cool hat, like a fedora.  Learning to be a doctor is cool but tough.  Listening to 7+/- hours of professors lecturing on viruses, cardiology physiology, vascular brainstem lesions and the like, can be extremely exhausting, mentally and physically.  And then I am supposed to put this hat on AGAIN after wearing the a-fore mentioned hats??  You’ve got to be kidding me.

Fourth is my health-nut hat.  My running, working out, meditating, healthy-meal preparing, water-drinking (usually) hat.  This is a hat I try to wear a lot, it’s really more of a sweatband.  Sometimes it is tricky to wear this hat with my other hats.  It’s a small hat but a very important one.  I believe I am still sane today because I make a serious effort to put this hat on each and every day.

Fifth is my home-maker hat.  My cooking, cleaning, dog-feeding, laundry-doing, shower hat.  Yes I included showering because I see it as a chore.  If I don’t put it on my to-do list, it won’t get done.  And that is gross.  This hat is my least favorite.  Mundane.  But these things must get done.  The good part about this hat is that I get to make lists…which I love…and then I get to cross things off.  Double love.

So those are my hats that I get to wear every day.  Sure, by 11:13pm my head is pretty sick and tired of the changing of the hats, and I can tell you for sure, I DO NOT want to put on hat #3 right now.  But I’m going to.  It’s just what I do.


I love the word Fremitus.  As in, if we are blessed with another boy someday, I want to name him Fremitus.  Fremitus E. Cheatham.  Has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think?

On another note, we celebrated Owen’s 3rd birthday last weekend at Tulsa Fire Station 26!    Lots of friends and family shared the special day with us.  Owen and his friends got to climb all over the fire truck, put on fire fighter helmets, play in the rescue boat (which was a HUGE hit) and squirt the fire hose!  By the end of the party the kiddos were full of fire truck birthday cake, soaked from the hose and definitely ready for naps.  All and all it was a great day!

Have to give a huge thanks to the guys at Fire Station 26 and to my wonderful friends, Haley Adams, Jennifer Duroy and Natalie Nekouian for taking pictures for me 🙂  Lots of love!

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Spring Fever

In Medical School, there are days when I learn and do amazing new things, like when I learned how an embryo develops (it’s amazing that anybody turns out even semi-normal) or when I held a real heart.  There are days when I have these amazing “a-ha” moments and things just click, like when I learned about LOAF in the hand muscles or when I finally figured out what the Chain-Gang really was.  This was not one of those days.

All I could think about today was the fact that it was 72 degrees and sunny and I was sitting in a building with no windows.  All. Day.  Spring semester is tough.  The classes may be easier, but the excitement of Spring is oh so distracting…warmer weather, flip flops, runs outside along the river, playing in the backyard with my kiddos (camera in hand), the beautiful spring flowers… ahhh.  Yeah.  All things that have nothing to do with Medical School, whatsoever.

I just have to remember why I am here.  I want to help others.  And I know the best way that I personally can do that, is through the medical profession.  This is exactly where I am supposed to be.  And it’s incredible.

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