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Sunshine and Sprinklers

Oklahoma summers…hot, sticky and sweaty.  My boys love them.  I do not love them.  So, we compromise…boys play in the sprinkler in the front yard, while mommy sits in the shade, in her comfy chair, drinking iced tea.  That was my plan, anyway.

Checkin out the sprinkler… “okay, this is kinda cool, maybe…”

Ohhh okay, yeah!  This is fun!

Oh yeah?  Check this out, Mommy!

And this!

Yay, brother!!

Mommy…now watch this!

Me too!  Me too!

Time for a drink!

Oooohhh pretty flower.  Mommy got a little ADD with the camera.

Mooommmy…will you puh-leeease take the sprinkler away from Owen?

Mommy looks to relaxed and comfy in her chair…LET’S GET MOMMY!

Mommy’s response…”OOHHH look at Daddy, he needs to get wet!  GO GET DADDY!” … tee hee hee

Sometimes, bugs are cooler than sprinklers.  Owen was very proud that he caught the moth all by himself.  Poor moth.

Perfect way to end the afternoon.  These boys love watermelon!  And I do too 😉