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Sunshine and Sprinklers

Oklahoma summers…hot, sticky and sweaty.  My boys love them.  I do not love them.  So, we compromise…boys play in the sprinkler in the front yard, while mommy sits in the shade, in her comfy chair, drinking iced tea.  That was my plan, anyway.

Checkin out the sprinkler… “okay, this is kinda cool, maybe…”

Ohhh okay, yeah!  This is fun!

Oh yeah?  Check this out, Mommy!

And this!

Yay, brother!!

Mommy…now watch this!

Me too!  Me too!

Time for a drink!

Oooohhh pretty flower.  Mommy got a little ADD with the camera.

Mooommmy…will you puh-leeease take the sprinkler away from Owen?

Mommy looks to relaxed and comfy in her chair…LET’S GET MOMMY!

Mommy’s response…”OOHHH look at Daddy, he needs to get wet!  GO GET DADDY!” … tee hee hee

Sometimes, bugs are cooler than sprinklers.  Owen was very proud that he caught the moth all by himself.  Poor moth.

Perfect way to end the afternoon.  These boys love watermelon!  And I do too 😉


7 days

7…the number of days left in the semester.  5…the number of finals that stand between me and the beach.  3… the number of beers I drank tonight.  1…the number of  nights I will spend (er..already spent) relaxing between now and next Friday at 3pm.  I’m ready.  Show me whatcha got, med school finals!

A few weekends ago I was supposed to be studying for a Bacteriology exam.  Instead this is what was happening

And a little of this goodness

Sometimes, spending quality time with loved ones > med school

It was a delicious meal, by the way.

Then we all took naps in the sun…ahhhhh

I may have missed a couple hours of study time, but hey, I’m a big picture kinda gal.  And big picture says, it’s totally fine.

On another med school note…I was spending some quality time with my camera the other evening and was feeling quasi-philosophical whilst looking at the trees in my backyard.  So, it turns out trees are a lot like med school.  Trees.  Big nice trees that are easily seen, unless you are Dr. Sanford while you are mowing your lawn…anyway, trees have smaller subdivisions like branches and leaves.  Not as easy to see from afar, but upon closer inspection, easily identifiable.  The leaves have veins.  Again, not easily seen unless you really want to see leaf veins.  Finally, there are these things pictured below…teensy tiny ity bity little lines that intersect with one another, on many different levels.  THAT is what med school is all about.  Minutia and it is all interconnected.

One more thing…please try to find me a happier person than this kid…I betcha can’t 🙂